What’s Vegan At Pret a Manger

Whats Vegan At... Pret a Manger | Don’t Milk It
Whats Vegan At... Pret a Manger | Don’t Milk It
Whats Vegan At... Pret a Manger | Don’t Milk It

Last Updated: January 2017

Pret a Manger



Pretzels – There are three different types of our Pretzel (plain, poppy seeds or sesame). We can’t guarantee which as they’re all fresh and it depends on what we are delivered.

Acai breakfast bowl – Delicious layers of fresh banana, gluten-free granola and acai berry puree, topped with shredded apple and juicy pomegranate seeds.

Dairy-free bircher – Using our gluten-free granola and dairy-free coconut yoghurt, this twist on a bircher muesli is a delicious ‘free from’ choice.

Five grain porridge – Made with organic British quinoa, amaranth, flax seeds, whole oats and organic coconut water. It’s naturally creamy (never gloopy), dairy-free and made with no gluten ingredients.

Pret’s coconut porridge – By using coconut milk, our chefs have created a rich, creamy porridge that’s dairy-free. Simmered with gluten-free oats and red quinoa, it’s a naturally good start to the day.

Mango chia pot – Dairy-free coconut yoghurt with chia seeds, diced mango, pomegranate seeds and a dash of apple juice.

Apple & pomegranate overnight oats – Gluten-free oats soaked overnight with shredded apple, almond milk, apple juice and a hint of cinnamon and topped with pomegranate seeds & shredded apple.

Porridge topping – compote – Our fabulously fruity compote is made with strawberries, blackcurrants, blackberries, raspberries and redcurrants, slowly simmered in a pan.

Pret’s Hot

Baked pitta chips – Freshly baked in shop, our pitta chips are tossed in olive oil and dukkah spice before being baked until they are nice and crispy. Delicious dipped with a little chipotle ketchup.

Baked sweet potato wedges – Freshly baked in store, our tasty sweet potato are coated in polenta to give them an extra crunch.

Chipotle ketchup dip – Smoky and earthy spiciness from chipotle chilies to add a little bit of heat to our ketchup. Perfect with our Baked Sweet Potato Fries.

Sweet Treat

Dairy-free coconut yogurt pot – Dairy-free coconut yoghurt topped with sugar coated pecan nuts, toasted coconut shavings and cacao nibs.

Cacao & orange pot – A rich, indulgent dairy free chocolate and orange ganache made with coconut milk and topped with cacao nibs.

Mango chia pot – Dairy-free coconut yoghurt with chia seeds, diced mango, pomegranate seeds and a dash of apple juice.


Cauliflower & chickpea dhal – A classic dhal bursting with flavours. Cauliflower florets are simmered in a vegetable bouillon with green chickpeas, yellow split peas, lentils, onion, carrot and tomato. Lightly spiced with ginger, garlic, cumin, coriander, paprika, turmeric, cardamom, black onion seeds and chilli. Finished with coconut flakes and a squeeze of lemon juice.

Chunky winter veg – A rich, hearty vegetable soup with chunks of cauliflower, carrot, celeriac and swede along with leek, savoy cabbage and a mix of herbs.

Curried cauliflower & sweet potato – An authentic north Indian vegetable curry with chunks of cauliflower and sweet potato and a delicate blend of cumin, chilli, mustard seed, nigella seed and turmeric. Simmered in a rich tomato sauce and finished with lentils and gungo beans.

Lightly spiced carrot & coriander – Shredded carrots, potato and edamame with a delicate mix of spices including ginger, lemon grass and chilli, simmered in coconut cream for a rich finish.

Greens & grains – Spinach, petit pois, broccoli, basil, leek, cavolo nero, onion and garlic are simmered with coconut cream and vegetable bouillon. Brown rice, quinoa, buckwheat and quinoa provide body before the soup is finished toasted pumpkin seeds, seasoning and a little lemon zest.

Pea & mint – A perfect blend of vibrant garden peas and stock, with a hint of mint and red chilli in the background and the chard gives this soup a subtle earthiness.

Souper tomato – We tried, but we simply couldn’t have made a more tomatoey soup with chopped, diced and simmered super-ripe plum tomatoes, tomato puree, vegetables and herbs.

Souper tomato side soup – We tried, but we simply couldn’t have made a more tomatoey soup with chopped, diced and simmered super-ripe plum tomatoes, tomato puree, vegetables and herbs.

Spiced corn & quinoa – A delicately spiced soup inspired by Peru. Roasted cumin and coriander seeds are blended with yellow chilli powder and turmeric. This spice mix is added to sweetcorn, cauliflower, onion, carrot and red quinoa. Once ready, the soup is finished with fresh coriander and lime juice.

Vegetable tagine soup – This warming tagine of spices, ripe tomatoes, chickpeas and lentils is so thick and packed with vegetables, you can put a spoon in and it will stand up.

Veggie miso – Our new miso is now veggie with a traditional umami flavour and served with wakame. Make it spicy by adding fresh ginger or a shake of chilli flakes.


Cucumber & humous on rye – Inspired by the open sandwiches of Scandinavia we take our German-style rye bread and top it with humous, cucumber, pink pickled onion, coriander and finally sesame seeds.

Super greens & reds – Slices of avocado, covered with our tapenade made of roasted red peppers & cherry tomatoes. We add crunchy red pepper, toasted almonds and a generous handful of spinach.


Avo, olives & toms – Avocado, kalamata olive tapenade, toasted pine nuts, fresh basil and roasted tomatoes in a stone baked baguette.


Avocado & chipotle chickpeas salad wrap – A vegan salad wrap with the flavours of South America: creamy avocado covered with chipotle chickpeas, charred corn & black bean salsa and topped with fresh coriander and Pret’s salad mix.

Chakalaka wrap – A vegan recipe on our kibbled rye wrap. Made with our spicy, African-inspired chakalaka beans topped with a dollop of coconut yoghurt and filled with freshly sliced red pepper and roasted butternut squash. Finished with a handful of spinach.

Chana chaat flat bread – Our Indian-inspired spicy chunky chickpeas with a dollop of mango compote, coconut yoghurt, sliced red peppers, aromatic coriander and a handful of baby spinach.

Mexican avocado flat bread – This flat bread captures some classic Mexican flavours. Refried black beans, avocado, a generous serving of charred corn & black bean salsa, tomatoes and fresh coriander in a Pret tortilla wrap.

Salads and Sushi

Asian greens veggie pot – Avocado, peas, edamame and coriander with our Asian-inspired poke dressing and a sprinkling of mixed sesame seeds.

Asian tofu salad – A bed of spinach and coriander topped with tofu marinated in our Asian-inspired poke dressing. Served with pickled cabbage & carrot, sliced red pepper, marinated mushrooms and a wedge of lime.

Edamame beans – Simply edamame beans in the shell, briefly boiled, sprinkled with salt and served chilled in a pot.

Falafel mezze – This salad is a combination of herby falafel, vibrant red tapenade and our smooth humous on a bed of mixed salad leaves. Topped with roasted butternut squash, mixed seeds and a lemony olive oil dressing.

Mexican avocado side salad – A little pot of fresh avocado, our spicy chipotle ketchup, charred sweetcorn and bean salsa with fresh coriander and a wedge of lime.

Mushroom & avo sushi salad – Inspired by the Hawaiian poke (pronounced poh-kay), this salad is a combination of our sticky rice, pickled cabbage, miso marinated mushrooms, avocado and edamame.

Rainbow veggie pot – Humous with chantenay carrots, radishes and mustard cress.

Veg – mexican avocado veggie pot – A little pot of fresh avocado, our spicy chipotle ketchup, charred sweetcorn and bean salsa with fresh coriander and a wedge of lime.


• Flat Bread


Lemon dressing, small – Using crushed lemon zest, lemon juice and a blend of both premium olive oil and rape seed oil – it’s light and delicious.

Poke dressing – small – We created this dressing inspired by the Hawaiian poke (pronounced poh-kay) salad. Our poke dressing is a delicious mix of black and white sesame, chilli, spring onion, tamari, sesame oil, lime juice and ginger.


Chocolatey coconut bite – Coconut bar coated in dark chocolate

Crisped kale – Hand selected kale crisps with rosemary and cold pressed olive oil

Maldon sea salt crisps – Hand cooked potato crisps (with the skin on for extra flavour) seasoned with Maldon sea salt.

Mango & coconut pot – Pieces of mango with coconut yoghurt.

Marinated pitted mixed olives – A little pot of pitted large, green Chalkidiki olives and purple Kalamata olives marinated in a little oil, garlic, red peppers, chilli and black pepper.

Naked nuts – Naked is good! A delicious and nutritious mix of hazelnuts, walnuts, cashews and almonds.

Pret a mango – Our original variety of mango is back by popular demand. Naturally good and a fantastic source of vitamin C, it simply tastes amazing. Chopped, dried and popped into this little bag, good things really do come in small packages!

Pret’s raw fruity seed bar – A modern twist on a traditional flapjack. We mix plenty of seeds and good helping of fruit… And that’s it.

Roasted coconut chips – This little bag is full of coconut chips. They’ve been gently toasted but that’s it – there’s no added salt, sugar or flavourings. Just coconut.

Rock salt popcorn – Passionately popped, naturally light.

Sea salt & organic cider vinegar crisps – Hand cooked potato crisps (with the skin on for extra flavour) seasoned with sea salt and cider vinegar.

Spicy nibbles – Roasted corn and broad beans with chilli and paprika. We’re trialling this product in a few of our shops so do let us know what you think if you try it!

Sweet & salt popcorn -Passionately popped, naturally light.

Tamari pumpkin seeds – This little bag is full of pumpkin seeds coated in tamari soy sauce. That means they’re naturally gluten-free and naturally delicious. Enjoy!

Vegetable crisps – Thinly sliced carrot, beetroot and parsnip, fried until crispy and popped in a bag.


Apple – We chop and change the variety of our apples depending on the season

Banana – Our bananas are Rainforest Alliance Certified from Costa Rica.

Clementine – Our Clementines are juicy and perfectly sweet. A real seasonal favourite.

Grapes – A little pot of seedless grapes and nothing else.

Pret mango & lime – Chunks of mango with a squeeze of lime – deliciously simple!

Pret’s fruit salad – A selection of freshly prepared chunks of pineapple, orange flesh melon, mango, pink apples, kiwis and whole blueberries.

Superfruit salad – Our improved SuperFruit Salad now has chunks of mango, kiwi, pomegranate seeds and blueberries.


Cold Drinks

Acai super berry – Fresh bananas, strawberries and mango blended with coconut water, acai and ice.

Almond protein power – Fresh banana blended with date, almond butter (which is packed with protein), chocolate powder, almond milk and ice.

Apple juice – Crammed full of squished, crushed apples. Made with 100% natural ingredients.

Banana & cashew almond shake – Pret’s vibrant almond milk shake is blended with bananas, cashews and natural vanilla. Creamy, indulgent and dairy-free!

Beet beautiful – Bursting with colour, our cold-pressed Beets Beautiful has a wonderful beetroot flavour with just a hint of ginger.

Berry blast – We mix a handful of raspberries, chopped mango and blackberries. Our baristas then whizz this in a blender with a splash of apple juice. Made with 100% real frozen fruit. Freshly blended.

Blueberry protein power

Carrot juice – Pressed exclusively for Pret. Fresh carrots are crushed and once the juice has been extracted filled into bottles. We don’t mess with this juice. It isn’t stabilised or emulsified.

Coconut crush – We blend chopped mint, pineapple and lime with coconut water to create this bright, refreshing smoothie. Made with 100% real frozen fruit. Freshly blended to order.

Coconut water – Made from 100% Natural Coconut Water

Cranberry & raspberry pure pret still – Still cranberry and raspberry flavoured juice drink

Daily greens – A big hit of greens delivered in a little bottle. Cold-pressed apple, cucumber, romaine lettuce, spinach and celery with ginger, lemon and parsley for some added zing.

Daily greens – Cucumber, ripe avocado, baby spinach and ginger blended with apple juice and ice to make a super green smoothie

Ginger shot – Squeezed from fresh ginger root and whole fresh apples, this little bottle is a zingy shot with a fiery kick.

Green goodness – All of our cold-pressed juices are a mix of fruit and veggies. Our Green Goodness is zippy and refreshing with apple, cucumber, celery, spinach, lime and ginger.

Green tea & peach pure pret still – We’ve upgraded our classic Peach Iced Tea by changing the black tea to green tea to provide a more delicate, refreshing flavour. Enjoy.

Hot shot – Add a kick to your day with a with a burst of orange, spiced with turmeric, ginger and cayenne.

Iced black tea – A freshly brewed Iced black tea

Iced black tea with strawberry, cucumber & mint – Black tea with a slice of cucumber, fresh mint and a hint of strawberry

Iced green tea – A refreshing green tea with a hint of mango

Iced green tea with blood orange & pomegranate – Iced green tea with refreshing blood orange and pomegranate seeds
Kombucha – Kombucha is a fermented green tea, brewed using a natural culture. This particular kombucha has a delicate fizz and is flavoured with lemon and ginger.

Large orange juice – A larger 400ml bottle – making it ideal to share! Made with 100% freshly squeezed oranges.

Lemon & ginger pure pret still – We’ve added spicy ginger to our classic still lemonade for an invigorating drink.

Mango smoothie – A colourful smoothie made with squished mangoes, bananas and passion fruit.

Meaner green – Perfect for ‘juicers’ on the run (and as requested by many), we’ve made a meaner (a little less sweet), ever greener cold pressed juice packed with spinach, romaine lettuce, cucumber and celery.

Orange & passion fruit pure pret still – Still orange and passion fruit flavoured juice drink.

Orange juice – Made with 100% freshly squeezed oranges.

Passion pop – This smoothie is packed full of real fruit. Chopped pineapple, mango and passion fruit blended together with pressed apple juice. Made with 100% real frozen fruit. Freshly blended.

Pure pret sparkling apple – Sparkling water mixed with apple juice (and a little grape juice for sweetness).

Pure pret sparkling ginger beer – Sparkling water mixed with natural ginger extracts to provide a satisfying kick!

Pure pret sparkling grape & elderflower – Sparkling water with grape juice and elderflower and a dash of lemon juice and apple.

Pure pret sparkling yoga bunny – Sparkling water with natural herbal infusions of Echinacea and Ginseng. Totally natural and totally delicious!

Rhubarb smoothie – Rhubarb, Bramley apple and a few blackcurrants. A little ginger adds some warmth. All freshly blended to order.

Sparkling lemonade – A fresh and zingy sparkling lemonade.

Sparkling spring water – Bottled in South Wales from a protected source, surrounded by organic farmland. Our sparkling water has an exceptionally clear taste and a refreshingly light fizz.

Still water 500ml/750ml – Our water is bottled in South Wales from a protected source, surrounded by organic farmland. Best when chilled (as indeed we all are).

Strawberry & banana smoothie – A frozen blended smoothie made with fragrant garden strawberries, banana, apple and tangy lemon. Made with 100% real frozen fruit. Freshly blended.

Super green – A healthy portion of good-for-you-greens whizzed up with almond butter and almond milk to provide an added hit of protein.

Vitamin volcano – Fragrant forest fruits, including blackberry, boysenberry, raspberry and strawberry blended with banana and apple juice.

Tea and Hot Drinks

Camomile tea – Caffeine free organic Camomile tea.

Coconut hot chocolate – Our organic hot chocolate powder blended with steamed organic coconut milk. A wonderful treat that’s completely dairy-free.

Fennel & mint tea – A refreshing blend of peppermint and spearmint combined with fennel, fenugreek and turmeric.

Fruit infusion – spiced apple – A hot infusion of apple with a spicy sweet finish.

Fruit infusion lemon & ginger – A hot infusion of ginger and lemon.

Infusion – wild berry – Hot fruit infusion with raspberries, blackcurrants, redcurrants and a touch of hibiscus.

Peppermint peace – Sweet refreshing and ever so settling (particularly the stomach). This tea is a classic peppermint with a hint of spearmint and completely caffeine free!

Tropical green tea – Packed with anti-oxidants, this fresh tasting green tea is complemented with the flavours of organic lemongrass, mango and pineapple to give you a fruity lift at any time of day.

Organic Coffee

Black Americano – Organic 100% Arabica Coffee

Black filter coffee – Completely different from Pret espresso, still Organic, ethically and sustainably sourced, of course!

Coconut flat white – Pret’s organic espresso base (made with 100% Arabica beans) and carefully stretched organic milk. Served in an 8oz cup for a proper, dairy-free, flat white.

Coconut latte – Our organic espresso base (made with 100% Arabica beans) with steamed organic coconut milk. A dairy-free take on a true favourite.

Coconut mocha – By using organic coconut milk, we’ve ensured this mocha is dairy-free. A strong espresso base (100% Arabica beans) with organic chocolate powder and gently steamed organic coconut milk.

Espresso – The essence of our coffee!

Syrup Shots – Caramel, Hazelnut, Love bar, Vanilla

This information is from the Pret A Manger website.
Website: pret.co.uk
Twitter: @pret
Facebook: @pretamanger
Instagram: @pretamangeruk

Note: Always double check items are suitable for vegans and other diet requirements (e.g allergies) before ordering as ingredients may change. I try to update this as often as possible but if you notice an error or that anything is out of date please contact me and I will update it right away.


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