What’s Vegan At… Burger King

What's Vegan At... Burger King | Don’t Milk It

Last Updated: November 2017

Veggie Bean Burger (ask for no Cheese or Mayo)
Kid’s Veggie Bean Burger
Onion Rings (cooked in the same oil as fish products)
Garden Salad
Apple Fries
Apple Pie Sticks (cooked in the same oil as fish products)


Crispy onions
Extra HP® Sauce
Extra Ketchup Heinz®
Extra Barbecue
Ketchup Sachet

Dip Pots:

BBQ Dip Pot
Sweet Chilli Dip Pot


Tropicana Orange
Tropicana Apple
5 Alive
Coca-Cola® Small,Regular, Large, Super
Diet Coca-Cola® Small, Regular, Large, Super
Sprite® Small, Regular, Large, Super
Fanta® Small, Regular, Large, Super

(UK) Burger King Veggie Burger with Pickles (no mayo, no cheese) with Fries. #veganburgerking

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This information is from the Burger King Nutrition Information PDF
Website: Burgerking.co.uk
Twitter: @BurgerKingUK
Facebook: @burgerkinguk
Instagram: @burgerking.uk

Note: Always double check items are suitable for vegans and other diet requirements (e.g allergies) before ordering as ingredients may change. I try to update this as often as possible but if you notice an error or that anything is out of date please contact me and I will update it right away.

What's Vegan At... Burger King | Don’t Milk It

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