Raspberry & White Chocolate Oatmeal

Raspberry & White Chocolate Oatmeal | Don’t Milk It

I love oatmeal it is always so quick and easy to prepare while still being really good for you; but this raspberry and white chocolate oatmeal is the best I have ever tasted. It’s wonderful when the chocolate squares start to melt and you can stir them in, this also takes the edge off of the […]

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Chocolate & Raisin Overnight Oats

Chocolate & Raisin Overnight Oats | Don’t Milk It

Not only do these oats taste great, they are healthy too! They contain no refined sugars (if you use unsweetened plant milk) and are so chocolatey. Overnight oats are an easy, delicious, and quick breakfast; you can make them the night before and they ready for you to dig into in the morning.      

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Vegolino Pralines

Vegolino Pralines | Don’t Milk It

  Packaging: Really clean and clear design, would make a great gift. Taste: I think these taste exactly like the green triangles from the quality street boxes. Really creamy and smooth, with a strong roasted hazelnut flavour, that melt in your mouth. How much in a pack: 180g (approx. 18 Chocolates) Certifications: Fair trade, Organic, […]

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Lazy Day Foods

Lazy Day Foods | Don’t Milk It

Millionaire’s Shortbread slices & Rocky Road Slices: Taste: Millionaire’s Shortbread: is great if you are gluten intolerant as the base is made from rice, tapioca, corn, and soya flour. Its has a layer of dark chocolate, a firm caramel middle, and a crunchy biscuit base. Rocky Road: has a fudgy texture with some crunch from the […]

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Vitamin B12

How to get Vitamin B12 on a vegan diet | Don’t Milk It

Vitamin B12 What does B12 do: It is needed for healthy brain function, nerve tissue and red blood cell formation. How much B12 do I need: Adults: according to the nhs 0.0015mg or 1.5mcg but some countries have a RDI of 3mcg. I prefer to get my B12 through eating about 1 micrograms of vitamin […]

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How to get Calcium on a vegan diet | Don’t Milk It

Calcium What does calcium do: helps to build strong bones and teeth regulates muscle contractions e.g heartbeat ensures that blood clots normally How much calcium do I need: Adults: 700mg of calcium a day. Good sources of calcium for vegans include (per 100ml/g): Fortified non-dairy milk drinks (120 mg) Green leafy vegetables Spring greens, boiled (75 […]

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