What’s Vegan At Pizza Express

What's Vegan at... Pizza Express | Don’t Milk It

Last Updated: February 2017 Pizza Express States: All of our pizzas are made by hand so and can be ordered without the toppings that otherwise make them unsuitable for vegans. Our pizza bases are completely free of animal and dairy products. Our famous passata sauce is made from tomatoes, salt, pepper, fresh basil and oregano. […]

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What’s Vegan At Pret a Manger

Whats Vegan At... Pret a Manger | Don’t Milk It

Last Updated: January 2017 Pret a Manger Food Breakfast • Pretzels – There are three different types of our Pretzel (plain, poppy seeds or sesame). We can’t guarantee which as they’re all fresh and it depends on what we are delivered. • Acai breakfast bowl – Delicious layers of fresh banana, gluten-free granola and acai […]

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Vitamin B12

How to get Vitamin B12 on a vegan diet | Don’t Milk It

Vitamin B12 What does B12 do: It is needed for healthy brain function, nerve tissue and red blood cell formation. How much B12 do I need: Adults: according to the nhs 0.0015mg or 1.5mcg but some countries have a RDI of 3mcg. I prefer to get my B12 through eating about 1 micrograms of vitamin […]

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What’s Vegan At Wagamama

Whats Vegan At... Wagamama | Don’t Milk It

Last Updated: January 2017 Wagamama Sides edamame with salt edamame with chilli garlic salt edamame plain wok-fried greens raw salad Gyoza steamed gyoza, yasai Ramen spicy broth, vegetable stock light broth, vegetable stock yasai ramen (this contains egg but can be modified if asked) Curry itame, yasai Teppanyaki yaki soba, yasai (this contains egg but […]

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What’s Vegan At Mcdonalds

Whats Vegan At... Mcdonalds | Don’t Milk It

Last updated: January 2017 This is the statement on the McDonald’s website: There are no plans to have approved vegan food on our menu. However, we do serve the following items that are suitable for people on a vegan diet: French Fries Hash Browns Oatso Simple with Sugar or Strawberry Jam Garden Side Salad Fruit […]

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How to get Calcium on a vegan diet | Don’t Milk It

Calcium What does calcium do: helps to build strong bones and teeth regulates muscle contractions e.g heartbeat ensures that blood clots normally How much calcium do I need: Adults: 700mg of calcium a day. Good sources of calcium for vegans include (per 100ml/g): Fortified non-dairy milk drinks (120 mg) Green leafy vegetables Spring greens, boiled (75 […]

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